Wet Sanding Tip

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Wet Sanding Tip

Wet sanding your car’s paint finish isn’t as scary as it seems. Choose an open, outdoor area that will allow you to run water continuously for extended periods of time. Use 1000-2500 grit fine sandpaper (depending on the severity of the paint imperfections), garden hose or bucket, clean rags.

The actual task of wet sanding is pretty painless. It does not require much force or pressure to be applied to the paint in order to smooth the finish. Working in small, light passes around the problem area tends to be the most effective method. Heavy swipes can dig into the paint and cause excessive scratching. So go slow, and take it easy. After you’re satisfied that you’ve smoothed out your paint’s surface and any imperfections, use a high quality Carnuba based wax to restore that original luster.

wet-sand-1A soft sanding block, super-fine sandpaper (1000-2500 grit), and plenty of water is all that it takes to get the job done.

wet-sand-2Lightly work the finish with the block while maintaining wetness with a clean rag or hose.

Disclaimer: although this method has proved tried and true, we are not responsible for any damage you may do to your car’s paint finish! If you lack confidence in your own abilities, please consult a professional paint and body shop.

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