Show Judging: Restored and Modified

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Show Judging: Restored and Modified

Restored or original areas of the vehicle

Camaro-stockCars are classified based on the number of modifications in given sections of the car. These modified sections are marked on the dash card. Any sections that are unmarked are to be technically correct and subject to point loss for wrong parts, fit, finish, and cleanliness. There are a variety of printed materials available to document the proper parts and installation and the Chevy Classics Club offers technical support for club members. The technically correct portion is based on restoration standards. We do realize there were some assembly anomalies, but be prepared to support these to avoid point loss. Our best suggestion is to restore the car to accepted standards.

Modified areas of the vehicle

Camaro-modifiedWe cannot overemphasize the fact that it is your vehicle to modify as you see fit. If you elect to have a purple car with a green interior, that is your choice and it will not result in point deductions. The judges will look at fit, finish, and the quality of installation on the modifications performed. Again, the majority of the work will need to be performed prior to the event and in most cases, overall cleanliness is all that can be maintained at the event.



  1. Duane Scardina says:

    are spiral shocks required on stock restoration camaros will this result in a loss of points ?

    • Colin Date says:

      Yes, in judged competition, the judges will be looking for spiral
      shocks with correct, stamped Delco part number. The shocks should be
      the correct color “shock gray” with the proper shock identification decal affixed.

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