Mechanical Fuel Pump Installation


Fuel pump: installation of mechanical fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator Tools: standard socket set, adjustable wrench, flat-blade screwdriver, Allen wrench set Cost: approximately $200-$350 Tinware: fuel pump and mounting gasket (supplied with pump), fuel pressure regulator and gauge, 3/8” fuel hose and clamps, NPT pipe fittings Tip: When re-routing new lines, closely measure all […]

Under Hood Restoration


If you’re content with a clean looking daily driver, or if you display your car at shows but leave the hood shut, there’s probably no need for you to tackle this project. After all, who sees the underside of your hood? However, if you’re proud of all that effort you’ve put into detailing out your […]

Installing a Rear Sway Bar


Installing a rear sway bar Time: 1 hour Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: $175-200 Tinware: rear sway bar, sway bar mounting kit (includes bolts, washers, and necessary spacers) Tip: Always be patient and take your time when measuring pieces for drilling. The correctly achieved results are well worth the extra steps. Performance gains: […]

Tire Cleaning: 101


This may seem like a super simple little project, but believe me, when your tires have been coated in primer overspray, it’s not. Our project Chevelle was in the shop undergoing bodywork, primer, more bodywork, more primer, some finessing bodywork, a little more primer…well, you get the idea. The car was moved around in the […]

Inner Door Tune-up


Replace your window regulator and door latch assembly Time: Approximately 3 hours Tools: Phillips screwdriver, impact driver (optional), hammer, socket wrenches, open-ended wrenches, window crank removal tool, white lithium grease, flashlight and small inspection mirror, window crank removal tool Cost: Window regulator assemblies approximately $100 each, door latch assemblies approximately $100 each Tinware: Window regulator […]

Dual Exhaust Installation


This 1969 Chevelle Malibu has certainly seen better days. With the 350 cube, 2-bbl. V8, this car originally came with a single exhaust system. Passable (but just barely) performance wasn’t good enough, so we elected to install a full dual exhaust system. This would not only help the engine breath easier, it was give us […]

Carburetor: Quick-Change Vacuum Springs


Time: approximately 30 minutes Tools: small Phillips screwdriver Here’s what you’ll need: Holley quick-change spring housing, vacuum secondary spring kit Tip: During the test and tune process, keep track of which springs help or hinder your carburetor’s performance. They make it easy by color-coding the top of each spring. Here’s what you’ll net: ability to […]

Making Cut-To-Fit Plug Wires, 101


Time: Approximately 2 hours Tools: wire cutters, crimping pliers, razor blade, Sharpie marker What you’ll need: set of quality spark plug wires (boots and terminals included), white dielectric grease, wire socks (recommended), wire looms Tip: When cutting and installing a new set of wires, mark each end at the boots with its designated cylinder number. […]

Molding Painting Tips


How to: Removal and refinishing painted moldings Tools you’ll need: Will vary depending on parts. Typically, a screwdriver or socket set will do the trick. Tinware you’ll need: Spray paint, masking tape, fine grits wet sandpaper (800, 1000 grits) Face it. If you drive an old car on a semi-regular basis, you are bound to […]

Refinish Stainless Steel Moldings


Tools you’ll need: besides using a specialty tool to remove the moldings, a power buffing wheel is the only tool needed. Tinware you’ll need: Grits of fine wet sandpaper (600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500), stainless polish, microfiber towels Any car will greatly benefit from the time invested in precise detail work. However, this is an area that […]

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