1973 Camaro RS – Project Boomerang – Part 2

1973 Camaro RS  by Kelley Timms Camaro Donor While the 1973 Camaro RS Z/28 is off at paint, we find it is a clone and the original engine and drive train are long gone, we need to get to work on a new drive train. Meet our 2002 Camaro SS donor car that had a disagreement with […]

1973 Camaro – Project Boomerang

 1973 Camaro RS Z/28  by Kelley Timms This 1973 Camaro RS Z/28 clone (a real RS, not a Z/28)had been sold to two good friends in Australia, but they both found other projects in OZ to take on instead. So, after 5 years of sitting around and collecting parts, I decided to do something with it. I named […]

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