Burger Quest. Are You Up For It?

Lew's Portland, OR

Burger Quest. Are You Up For It? I was sitting in my car today at lunchtime, munching on a burger, thinking about another place and time long ago. I was living in Portland, Oregon back in the mid ’90s, and had been doing some freelance writing and photography for Tom Shaw at Muscle Car Review […]

Jake Farley’s 1981 Camaro


My buddy’s dad bought the car in ’81 drove it for about 10 years. Then he got a new car in ’91 and let it sit until 2013, when his kid turned 16. They got it running and he drove it for 2 years. The car was then sold to a guy I work with […]

Just Drive Them

1987 Camaro IROC

On the topic of cars– as I get older, the more I think how important it is to just drive them. Back in mid-January, I had the privilege of attending the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, Florida. I’d only been to an auction once before– just a small local event back in Oregon. All I can […]

Car Show Knick-Knacks


Car Show Knick-Knacks Granted, in most parts of the country, car shows are winding down for yet another season. I’ve been to more than my fair share this year, and I feel very fortunate to have been able to do so. Of course, every show is flush with incredible Camaros– that’s a given. What’s also […]

Mean Streak: 1978 Camaro Z/28


This ’78 Z/28 was built on minimum wage and no candy bars! Story and photography by Chris Gibbany, Harrison, AR Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with cars– mainly Camaros and Corvettes. I collected them in Hot Wheels and Mattel versions, I built models of them, and I dreamed of one day owning […]

1969 RS/SS Camaro


Marty A. Otero, Los Lunas, NM Photography by Jim Knight One of the most enjoyable past times for me and my wife is taking weekend drives through the back roads of our small town looking for old cars. We enjoy going to areas we have never been and enjoying the scenery. It appeared while on […]

Living The Dream: 2010 Camaro


Living The Dream: 2010 Camaro James McGhee • Bentonville, AR Photography by Jim Knight I’ve been a muscle car lover since I can remember. When I was little, I would buy Hot Wheels cars and the racing tracks to race them. I would dream that one day I would own one. As I grew up […]

When Pieces and Parts Make Sense

main front

Billy Edwards • Columbus, NC By Ron Wolf Photography by Pete Sommers Imagine you’re driving down Highway 74 in Columbus, NC one fine day and you see this cool Camaro with a huge hood scoop coming toward you. You think to yourself, “What a nicely tricked-out, blown ’69.” But as the car passes by you […]

Fun ‘n Speed in a ’96 Camaro SS


Fun ‘n Speed…What It’s All About! Kenny White • Jacksonville, FL By Ron Wolf Life is a series of choices and when Kenny White decided it was time for a new car, his first choice was a Camaro. The styling and performance of Camaros always impressed him, even when his high school buddies were enthralled […]

S/S ’69 Camaro


Family Reunion Matt Murphy • Atlanta, GA Story by Ray Lee   Photos by Pete Sommers We always cherish special times in our lives forever. If we ever get the chance to relive those times it is, like the commercial says, priceless. Such is the case with this old warrior, an exactly restored drag racing […]

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