Installing New Fan and Fan Belt

Quick Tips: Installing New Fan and Fan Belt in Your Camaro Time: 1 hour Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, long screwdriver or pry bar Cost: approximately $40-$70 Tinware: replacement or aftermarket engine fan, aftermarket fan spacer (if needed), fan belt Tip: Always be careful of loose clothing, jewelry, or hair when working around engine […]

10 Cheap & Easy Restoration Tips

10 Cheap & Easy Restoration Tips for Show or Go Keep your car scoring higher at the shows, without blowing the budget! Story and Photography by Tom Shaw Sometimes the cash flow is up, sometimes it’s barely a trickle. Either way, you don’t always need to throw huge money at your car to get it […]

Camaro Sets Quarter-Mile World Record

2010 Camaro sets new quarter-mile world record at 7.70 seconds for the Real Street Class! By Sean Szymkowski, GM Authority The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, when running the LT1 6.2-liter V8, will sprint to 60 mph in four seconds flat. In less than four more seconds, this 2010 Chevrolet Camaro will have run the quarter-mile. You’re […]

Car Wash Tips

After washing your car, let the water flow heavily over the car. The water will sheet off and it will be much easier to dry as well as help avoid water spots. Recommended: Heavy flowing water will help the excess water dissipate faster, making it easier for drying. Not recommended: A light final rinse will […]

Detailing Tip: 303 Aerospace Protectant

OK, what’s with the infomercial you say? We apologize if that’s what it seems like! However, this product has earned its way into our hearts for all its weatherstrip/black plastic protection/preservation factors. It’s super-easy application is nice, too. Just spray it on a dry micro-fiber towel and rub onto the part. The instructions will tell […]

Window Cleaning Tip

When cleaning your windshield, use a short nap microfiber and clean in one direction on the inside and the other direction on the outside. This way you don’t have to chase streaks and you can tell if you need a final wipe on the inside or out. Be sure to use a dry microfiber towel to prevent […]

Portable Battery Charger

Portable Battery Charger Here’s a great little tip… While at the last SEMA Show, we noticed many vendors now offering portable batteries capable of starting a car. These items are slightly bigger than a paperback book and most not only jump a car battery but also re-charge a variety of portable electronics like phones or […]

Understanding Rear Gear Ratios

Understanding rear gear ratios Applicable years: all Cost: $250-$300 Tinware: ring and pinion set, differential fluid Tip: It’s best to seek out the help of an experienced professional when changing the rearend gears. Performance gains: quicker off-the-line acceleration Most of us are familiar with the notion that rear-axle gears largely affect your car’s performance. The […]

Decal Removal Tip

A hair dryer works best to loosen the adhesive used to keep sticker/decals in place. Go slow and be aware that too much heat could damage paint. Here, as we use it on glass, that is not a problem. Heat an edge of the sticker/decal and try to peel it away. As it loosens, pull […]

Canned Air Detailing Tip

Dust Buster (or a generic “canned air” product) is commonly used to clean computer keyboards. Basically, it is cold, compressed air in a can. It works great for blasting unwanted debris from your car’s nooks and crannies. We’ve used it to blast dust from interior vents and to remove dried, crusty wax residue on the […]

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