Shimming Your Rear Springs


Time: 1 hour Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: Fabrication costs will vary, but expect to pay around $20-$30 to have them made. If you purchase your own material ahead of time, factor in about another $10. Tinware: A small plate of aluminum stock- 6061 aircraft alloy is the most common and the least […]

Bodywork: Filling And Sanding


Bodywork: Filling And Sanding Time: varies depending on the size and extent of the damaged area or area that needs modification Tools: block sander, grinder, air compressor (recommended) ball peen hammer (optional) Cost: supplies typically run about $100 for filler, sandpaper, and miscellaneous items listed in “Tinware” Tinware: filler and hardener, sandpaper (36, 80, 150, […]

When Pieces and Parts Make Sense

main front

Billy Edwards • Columbus, NC By Ron Wolf Photography by Pete Sommers Imagine you’re driving down Highway 74 in Columbus, NC one fine day and you see this cool Camaro with a huge hood scoop coming toward you. You think to yourself, “What a nicely tricked-out, blown ’69.” But as the car passes by you […]

Front Disc Brake Upgrade


Installing front disc brakes Time: 3-5 hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, floor jack and jackstands, rubber mallet, ball joint separator or pickle fork, mini sledge Cost: will vary depending on the components used; typically anywhere between $500-$1500 Tinware: disc brake kit, wheel bearing grease, brake fluid, brake cleaner, small rubber hose, “catch” container […]

Boxed Rear Control Arms


Boxed rear control arms Time: 1-2 hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: $300 (new), $30 (conversion) Tinware: factory style or aftermarket boxed rear control arms (new bushings included), or weld-in boxing plates (new bushings optional) Tip: When replacing older rear control arms, use quality polyurethane bushings to help stiffen the rear end and […]

Installing A High Performance Front Sway Bar


Time: 1 hour (approximately) Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: approximately $175-200 Tinware: front sway bar, new sway bar bushings, new sway bar end links (recommended), lubrication grease Tip: Before removing anything from the car, take note of the sequence of the bushings in relation to the lower control arm and the sway bar. […]

Carpet Installation Know-How


Installing new carpet and sound deadener Time: several hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, Phillips screwdriver, scraper, utility knife, scissors, heat gun (recommended) Cost: approximately $350-$500 for sound deadener, $200 for carpet Tinware: carpet, floor pan sound deadener, spray adhesive Tip: After purchasing a new carpet kit, remove the pieces from the box and […]

Fun ‘n Speed in a ’96 Camaro SS


Fun ‘n Speed…What It’s All About! Kenny White • Jacksonville, FL By Ron Wolf Life is a series of choices and when Kenny White decided it was time for a new car, his first choice was a Camaro. The styling and performance of Camaros always impressed him, even when his high school buddies were enthralled […]

Installing A Transmission Cooler


Time: Approx. 2 hours Tools: standard wrenches, small flat-blade screwdriver, razor blade Cost: approximately $75 Tinware: transmission cooler and installation hardware (included in most kits) Tip: Allow the transmission to completely cool before attempting to drain the fluid or disconnect any lines under pressure. Performance gains: a cooler, more efficient transmission capable of handling increased loads […]

C&R Camaro Radiators, An Awesome High Performance Upgrade!


Today John and Paul from C&R racing shows off their awesome performance radiators for your 1967-1981 and 2010-2012 Camaro! Subscribe Today: Product Link And Description Below: The Eckler’s Auto Hub is your one stop for all your car restoration needs, we are constantly adding new videos to help you with your installation, feature great […]

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