Hard To Fathom


Mark Hassett #17029371 • Ashtabula, Ohio By Ray Lee • Photography By Pete Sommers In these days of dazzling chrome wheels and flashy paint jobs, Mark Hassett’s Fathom Green 1969 Camaro doesn’t fit the bill. But a true Camaro aficionado will definitely sit up and take notice! This pristine sleeper gives no hint to its […]

Eckler’s New Distribution Center Completed


Eckler’s State-of-the-Art Warehouse/Distribution Center Completed Eckler’s celebrates its $9.5M facility expansion with a grand opening ceremony. City leaders, company executives and many others attended the opening of the automotive leader’s distribution center and warehouse. Titusville, FL December 17, 2014 Eckler Industries, Inc., the nation’s largest provider of restoration parts and accessories for classic and enthusiast […]

Molding Painting Tips


How to: Removal and refinishing painted moldings Tools you’ll need: Will vary depending on parts. Typically, a screwdriver or socket set will do the trick. Tinware you’ll need: Spray paint, masking tape, fine grits wet sandpaper (800, 1000 grits) Face it. If you drive an old car on a semi-regular basis, you are bound to […]

Refinish Stainless Steel Moldings


Tools you’ll need: besides using a specialty tool to remove the moldings, a power buffing wheel is the only tool needed. Tinware you’ll need: Grits of fine wet sandpaper (600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500), stainless polish, microfiber towels Any car will greatly benefit from the time invested in precise detail work. However, this is an area that […]

Removal and Replacement of Engine


Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, engine hoist, engine stand or cradle, floor jack (if needed) Cost: if renting an engine hoist, expect to pay about $40 for a day’s use Tinware: heavy-duty chain and/or lifting plate Tip: If you pull the motor and trans out together as one unit, invest in a transmission tail […]

Installing a New Intake Manifold


Installing a new intake manifold Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, flat-blade and/or Phillips screwdriver, putty knife or scraper, torque wrench Tinware: aftermarket aluminum intake manifold, quality high performance intake gaskets, gasket sealer (silicone) Tip: Before final installation, double check the fit of your parts to make sure everything lines up and will work with […]

Front Lowering Springs and Shocks


Tools: socket wrenches, rubber hammer, pry bar, pickle fork (ball joint removal tool), drill with bit for drilling steel, grease gun, grease. Tinware: front 1-1/2” lowering springs, KYB gas shock absorbers, tie rod ends and polyurethane bushings, upper and lower ball joints, shock mount retainers (if not included with shock kit). Tip: Always support lower […]

12-Second 4th Gen V6!

main front

Story and Photos by Scott Doerhing • Albany, NY My love for driving started a long time ago. I was about ten years old when, one day, my father let me take over the wheel of his car. I couldn’t reach the pedals so Dad had to work them for me. When I first took […]

Timing Chain Removal and Replacement


Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, crankshaft socket, breaker bar Tinware: new timing chain, new timing cover (optional), timing cover gasket, gasket sealer, oil pan gasket (optional) Tip: Before getting started, check out the clearance between the oil pan and the crossmember to see if there’s enough room to remove the pan. Performance gains: A […]

Differential Housing and Gear Set


Inspection of differential housing and gear set Tools Needed: Standard socket set, flat-blade screwdriver, hammer or mallet. Tinware Needed: New gear oil, clean rags, a container to collect the old oil, and a new differential cover gasket. In this relatively brief “You Can Do It”, we’re going to cover how to inspect your car’s differential […]

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