Are There Any Scale Modelers Out There?

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Are There Any Scale Modelers Out There?

Are There Any Scale Modelers Out There?

Do we have any scale modelers out there? With the thousands of car fans we have reading our blogs, we must have some scale modelers who’d love to see their handi-work on our pages here.

I know it’s been a long, weird winter, weather-wise. And I know some of you haven’t had an opportunity to work on your real rides. So how about working on a scale model? I know plenty of car folks who love to dabble in this hobby, especially when the weather shuts you up indoors. Here in Florida, we have an “opposite season” thing happening. The summertime keeps many people indoors, keeping cool with the A/C on max. Time to bring out the plastic kits and get to work!

For me, the desire to work on model kits comes in waves. I’ve gone years without building anything, and then there are days where I can’t wait to get home to indulge in my hobby.

Here are a collection of photos we’ve found around the Internet. Some are so well done – inspiring!

Love the box artwork. The artists who do these graphics get it – they understand the “classic car vibe”. Remember the excitement you felt as a kid, picking that box off the shelf, imagining all those fresh new parts inside, and what you were going to create? Great memories that last a lifetime. You get extra points if you built a model with your son or daughter – you helped pass along a great tradition to the next generation.

How about you? There’s a comments section at the end of this blog. You can chime in, and even upload a photo of your current project. Please do!

If you haven’t seen the modeling work of Michael Paul Smith yet, check out his incredible talents by clicking on this link.

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  1. Terry Pope says:

    I have model cars too! Hundreds of them. I have too many to display on the shelves I have so most of the models I buy are just kept in the boxes on the shelf in my basement. We also build model cars into slotcars to drag race on a scale track. it’s great fun, and you can make a drag/slot car out of anything you want. Great winter fun, when you can’t work on the real thing.

  2. gary ashley says:

    here is mt scale flatbed I did the flatbed did it from pics of ones I found to copy it

  3. gary ashley says:

    I painted it the colors I needed and got the decal sheet from sixxs decal store online

  4. gary ashley says:

    my pont prostock

  5. gary ashley says:

    my wife is a hello kitty fan so I did her a race team

  6. gary ashley says:

    my 60 ford

  7. gary ashley says:

    another one of my 60 ford

  8. gary ashley says:

    my mothers wax chevy

  9. gary ashley says:

    mothers wax chevy

  10. gary ashley says:

    afew of my vette shop room

  11. gary ashley says:

    more of vettes

  12. gary ashley says:


  13. gary ashley says:

    room 5

  14. gary ashley says:


  15. gary ashley says:

    my something diff

  16. gary ashley says:

    my something diff getting loaded on my rollback

  17. gary ashley says:

    my dale sr town

  18. gary ashley says:

    my 3tone camaro

  19. gary ashley says:

    3tone camaro

  20. gary ashley says:

    my new 2016 ss camaro

  21. gary ashley says:

    new ss

  22. gary ashley says:

    new ss chevy my nascar flags

  23. gary ashley says:


  24. gary ashley says:

    last of new ss

  25. gary ashley says:

    my scatch built speed shop

  26. gary ashley says:

    my wifes ss cov

  27. gary ashley says:

    our old cameros til we got our ones

  28. gary ashley says:

    these more of them will be holding 2366 1/24 scale nascars

  29. gary ashley says:


  30. gary ashley says:

    more cars

  31. gary ashley says:


  32. gary ashley says:

    nascars 3

  33. gary ashley says:


  34. gary ashley says:


  35. gary ashley says:


  36. gary ashley says:


  37. gary ashley says:


  38. gary ashley says:


  39. gary ashley says:


  40. gary ashley says:

    and nascars

  41. gary ashley says:


  42. gary ashley says:

    me with my cars and hope jr picks this

  43. gary ashley says:

    me and my best friend Tanya my truck leased on with blue girl

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